Rabu, Mei 14, 2008

Parkour? ape kejadah itu..


This may be a funny entry to a few people..because i got this inspiration to write this after opening someone's blog and saw my friend's youtube in other friends pnye blog. (okey..ade sedikit confused dah). Will tell u more kat bawah.

Nway, parkour tu ape? Boleh google search. Malas nak terang. Just nak promote je actually. What's interesting bout it, sahabat ana sendiri diiktiraf oleh surat khabar menjadi veteren dalam parkour kat malaysia nih (veteren ke? haha..tapi i guess he's one of the names yg disebut2 la kan.kalo tak..takdela masuk surat khabar). Boleh klik SINI.

Ape2 pun, just nak promote je parkour ini. And believe me..there's a positive side bout it..as a human being..and as a Muslim. I believe that. And so if u have further questions or doubts, u can contact my friend here at:


A vid to lighten up a bit what am i talking here. This video that i said earlier..i found it somewhere else yang takde kaitan ngan qayyim. Haha. Small world i guess. Enjoy everyone.

Me? not interested yet in this game. Hehe. Let other suitable people join it. As long as it's for Islam, i'll support 500%! Allahuakbar!!

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Tanpa Nama 11:56 PTG  

tau2. pernah tgk kt discovery channel kot klau tak silap.gle cool!

tapi rasanya kt DC tu nama dia cam lain je..huk3

HambaAllah Yang Memakmurkan 6:37 PTG  

heh..ade khilaf pada nama dia. Tpi kat wiki tulis Parkour:


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