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Boycott Israel Walkabout -14th November ni!!



Just wanna promote this coming event this weekend. To who ever yg rasa terpanggil utk menunjukkan solidariti & agak2 free (maknanya takde final exam, takde keje, etc2)..boleh la ke Sunway Pyramid 14th ni.

Here are the details:

Boycott Israel Campaign

14th November, 2009

11.30 am - 3.00 pm

Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall

11.30 am - Arrival & Lunch

12.45 pm - Assemble at Mega Lanes (bowling alley)
1.00 pm - Break for activity of choice
3.00 pm - Disperse

The objective here is for us to be noticed by the weekend crowd. All involved will be wearing our Boycott Israel t shirts and participating in the following activities :
1. Lunch
2. Bowling Competition 3. Ice skating 4. Jalan jalan all over the mall


Lunch All volunteers to meet at Sunway Pyramid & then proceed to lunch at an eatery of our choice. At 12.45 pm to meet at bowling valley

Bowling Competition We'll be forming at least 10 teams with 4 players per team. This means we'll need 40 bowlers. Don't worry if you can't bowl. You'll be among familiar company cos many of us can't bowl to save our lives. It's all in the name of humanity with lots of fun thrown in. You can form your own team if you so wish. Otherwise we'll be allocating team members. COMPLETE will bear all costs. All you need to bring will be a pair of socks. And yes, there'll be prizes for the winning teams. So those interested do email me your names by 4th November.

Ice skating Anyone out there with dreams of being an ice skating champ? Well here's your chance. We're looking for at least 20 skaters. Again, COMPLETE will bear the costs. All you need to do is bring a pair of socks & gloves (compulsory) & skate to your heart's content. If interested, email me your names by 4th November.

Jalan Jalan For those who are neither bowlers nor skaters, we have use for you, don't fret. You will be our flag bearers. Now all you need are good walking shoes, cos apparently the mall's HUGE. So do take your time, window shopping, or maybe actually shopping. Lepak here & lepak there, don't forget the cineplex. Or stop by at J.CO & you could catch Mike. Really, there's just plenty for you to pick. Boycott Israel t shirts will be on sale as below:

Date: 4th, 6th & 7th Novemeber (dah terlepas tarikhnye, takpe..kalo berminat jugak, boleh terus je pegi Sunway nnt)
Time: 10 am - 12 noon
Place: OrphanCARE centre
6, SS1/24A, Kampung Tunku, P.J.
Price: RM 20 (short sleeves) & RM 25 (long sleeves)

Last time they made the 1st walkabout on 15th August. Kalo korang nak tahu mcm mana walkabout ni, boleh checkout di: http://akmarr90.blogspot.com/2009/08/complete-boycott-israel-walkabout.html

I wish i have the chance next time to join. Ogos haritu ada muktamar nak kena hadir. This time pulak maybe final exams tak dapat nak turun KL la pula. Next time la maybe. Hem.

Anyway, here are some few campaign pics took from ukht Damia's blog, source from ILuvIslam.com

p/s: my 1st paper will start approx 2 jam stengah lagi.. =) doakan ya rakan2

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