Isnin, Jun 02, 2008

Sementara sempat..

1. Plans for coming weekend?
Programs..programs..dan programs.. (can't wait!)
2. Significant event for today?
My 1st day as a trainee. Heh. Dah prektikal rupanya saya nih. For 8 months~ (thanx UTP for giving us this long opportunity)
3. Favourite food?
Mcm tak muat je nak list. I prefer rice than mee.
4. Are you a TV freak?
Alhamdulillah no. Sejak masuk asrama dan Uni yg susah utk jmpe TV. Tapi skali tengok kadang2 bleh terleka gak kot. So better not.
5. Chocolates or roses?
Of kos la Choclate. Takkan nak pilih roses kot?!
6. Do you mind spending money for your loved ones?
Nop. Tapi tu depend kalo ade duit gakla kan.
7. If you were to own a car, what is it?
'A brand new-doesn't give u much problem' car..
8. Do you usually keep all your promises?
I'll try my best insyaAllah..
9. What if your boyfriend/girfriend happens to confess that he/she has fallen for someone else?
What's the definition of boyfriend/girlfriend here? Ikut tafsiran yg terus Boyfriend = kawan lelaki. If my kawan lelaki confess he has fallen for someone else..bagusla! takkan dia nak fall for me kot!? Kalau kawan perempuan, i'll ask "bile nak kawin?"
10. What do you do if you cant sleep?
Baca buku..i can read books smpi tetido..
11. How many friends do you have?
12. Last person you talked on the phone?
Kak MJ. Pasal duit business.
13. Two names of people you love.
1. Rasulullah..moga Allah suburkan lagi kecintaanku pada baginda
My Ummy..Queen of my heart~
14. If we open your bag, what will we find?
Bag? What bag? Laptop bag ke??
15. Your sister/brother wants to borrow your clothes. How?
How? Ask permission la..adoi. Takkan nak suruh buat surat rasmi and wait for approval within 2-3 days plak?
16. Your bestfriend falls for your boyfriend/girlfriend?
Takde soalan lain yg lebih bagus kah??
17. Are you comfortable going out with opposite gender often?
My mom & sisters are opposite genders n i love going out with them..haha!
18. Horror, romantic, comedy, action movies.which do you prefer?
Action movies & comedy.
19. If a man says u'r ugly,what would u do?
Say "Thank you for praising Allah and His creation"
20. Do you mind going for a reunion?
I'm one of the organizers kot every time? What's suppose to be my answer here~?!
21. Do you love your job?
Baru stat keje sehari..dahla supervisor MC hari ni..haha
22. Are you a type of person who always gives in?
Depends on the situation..
23. Are you a good driver?
How do u define good driver? Yg ikut undang2 jalan raya ke? Kalu ya, i'll answer NO la coz bape kali tah langgar speed limits. 110 highway..heh..
24. Last prize you won?
can't remember..
25. Do you like ballet?
NO! Not a slight interest at all..
26. Milk or coffee?
I'd prefer milk. Coffee..not good 4 ur health la..
27. Meat or vegetables?
Depends on the type n how they cook it..
28. 3 words to describe yourself.
Expert secret keeper

I dun like tagging others i won't pass this around. Thanx by the way to the person yg telah mencabar saya utk membuat survey ini.

3 komentar:

D i a n a 11:36 PTG  

huahhahaha. Tahniah2~ anda telah menjawab dengan baekk!

p/s: see, i tak sakat u pon bila u post kat blog u kannnn. ;P


along 11:35 PTG  

'expert secret keeper' eh?
aih..biar benar..haha

should be 'expert at making secrets to keep'..ntah brape byk rahsia dh..

HambaAllah Yang Memakmurkan 9:42 PG  

yeah..i make n i keep people's secrets too. A lot.

But can't tell la coz it's a secret kan. Hehe.

Actually secrets ni kita leh relate ngan secrets kita dgn Allah. Sprt mana mndapat tazkirah semasa 1 kembara bersama rakan2, "ciptalah rahsia dengan Allah". Kita ngan Allah je tahu rahsia tuh. Haha. Amacam? Ade tak??

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